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      Dingyuan (Shanghai) Industrial Co.,Ltd



      Guimabang Industry

      Our company specializes in creating exquisite travel and household goods. Guimabang is divided into two categories: traditional gifts and new-type e-commerce. Under the banner of traditional gifts, three business divisions have been set up, namely, Guimabang Excellent Branch, Guimabang Home Appliances Branch and Dingyuan MUSHANG Branch. We operate three major categories: PHILLIMORE, SATONROYCE and Little Duck. PHILLIMORE luggage products, including rod boxes, briefcases, one-shoulder backpacks, sports wear, washing suits and so on. SATONROYCE kitchen life series mainly includes pots, knives, cups and kettles and other kitchen supplies. Intelligent technology products include Little Duck and other intelligent household appliances. Guimabang Industry is a brand operation company which integrates product development, design, production, quality inspection, sales and after-sales service. Guimabang inherits the spirit of ingenuity and traditional craftsmanship. To add a comfort and family-like care to you during your journey and life, so that your life is more delicate.

      We uphold the service concept of "honesty, trustworthiness, win-win, development", and strive to build core competitiveness through "product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation". Company slogan: Concentrate! Absorbed! Major! Ride the wind and waves! Make great achievements!


      Shanghai Guimabang Tourism Products Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Guimabang Tourism Products Co., Ltd. specializes in creating exquisite luxury luggage tourism goods. The brand PHILLIMORE which has 45 categories of English, Chinese, icon, icon plus English logo, is protected by 37 national trademark brands. The brand originated from the romantic country of France, full of vitality and fashion. Whether it is a tie-rod box, briefcase or one-shoulder backpack for leisure travel, each item is a treasure from the artist’s hand. We are not for anything else, just to give you a comfortable trip, a family-like care.

      Dingyuan (Shanghai) Industrial Co.,Ltd  

      Dingyuan (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Dingyuan) was founded in January 2011. It is a new type of commercial trading company with a new business model of brand trading company.

      Since its inception, the company has the full operational qualification of many international commercial brands in mainland China, has strong financial support and close cooperation with many enterprises, and has advanced international brand management experience and access resources in the whole country. The main operation direction of the company is department store terminal and large-scale gift group purchase and welfare purchase of government, enterprises and institutions nationwide. Among them, department store terminal takes quality, dignity and fashionable home as its operation and consumption direction, and adopts international commercial brand as its main brand product structure. With its own self-management system as the framework and three-point vertical channels, we will create an open, quality, tasteful and healthy home paradise.

      At present, the main operating brands of Shanghai Dingyuan are SATONROYCE, a German brand. Originally a German hereditary Marquis private brand of home life, focusing on the concept of love and life, believing that love accompanies around.

      Shanghai Dingyuan has been adhering to the concept of creating a tasteful and valuable life-sharing atmosphere with excellent brand and quality. We always adhere to the perfect brand products, perfect details of service, complete value creation. Let everyone feel not only a product concept, but a culture, a connotation, a real possession of a better life.

      Zhejiang Guimabang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

      Zhejiang Guimabang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the business zone of Yangtze River Delta. It is a professional company to build high-tech intelligent products with close life and high taste. It is committed to serving the modern elite who pursue excellent quality of life. Operating Little Duck household appliances 10 categories, respectively: vacuum cleaner series, Juicer series, rice cooker series, hanging ironing machine series, voltage cooker series, baby care series, baking series, electric kettle series, personal care series, lamps series. It is a brand operation company that integrates product development, design, production, quality inspection, sales and after-sales service.

      Golden Autumn October, fruitful season, domestic well-known household appliances brand - duckling strong stationed in Zhejiang Guimabang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., work together to explore the future!

      Little Duck Group

      Founded in 1979, headquartered in the beautiful Quancheng East Jinan New Town Core Area, the industrial park covers 420 acres. The building area is 120,000 square meters. As a large domestic household appliances enterprise, after 38 years of devoted development, it has developed into a large enterprise group with household appliances as the center and commercial appliances and automotive matching as the wings, forming an industrial development pattern integrating household appliances, commercial appliances, automotive matching and import and export trade.

      In recent years, the duckling group has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "learning, pursuing, innovating and surpassing" and the management concept of creating value for customers, relying on the advantages of post-doctoral research workstations, provincial technology centers and provincial engineering technology centers, and in accordance with the industrial development model of "intelligent products + Intelligent Manufacturing + services", continuously intensifying the industrial innovation of products and obtaining 168 patents. There are 12 patents for invention. The Little Duck Group has participated in the discussion and formulation of six national standards. Thirteen projects have been listed in the technical transformation oriented plan of municipal enterprises, the key projects of municipal technical transformation, the technical transformation oriented plan of Shandong Province, the revitalization of national key industries and the technical transformation projects, and the key new products projects of the state.


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      Address:19th Floor, China Travel Luggage Zhidu Mansion, Fuzhen Road No.958 , Pinghu, Zhejiang,China.


      E-mail : 2881419291@qq.com

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